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I would like to extend a warm welcome to all who are viewing this website.  

Let me introduce myself.  I am Karin Grunwald the principal/teacher of Kiddies Place which is a Christian Nursery School at 287 Frandaph Drive Mondeor (close to the Mondeor Dischem). Kiddies Place can also be found directly opposite the Recreational Centre and Mondeor Football Club (which is across the River from us).

We started in 1989.  Thus for over 29 years I have been blessed and privileged by doing what I love most and that is taking care of PRECIOUS children.  For me being a teacher is a dream come true as every child is unique and special in their own way.  I take seriously the precious little lives which are entrusted into my care.

We are hard working, dedicated and conscientious.  We display a deep sense of responsibility in meeting the needs of our children.  For this reason we continue to maintain an excellent reputation in a clean safe and homely environment with lots of indoor and outdoor equipment and we are well known for our extremely high standard of education.  

I am pleased to announce that children who do Grade R at Kiddies Place will also do well at any other school in Grade 1.  It is a known fact as parents report back to us success story after success story.  All the wonderful testimonies from so many happy parents over the years have warmed my heart and filled me with joy.  

Having happy parents and happy children is a rewarding job indeed.  All this is due to our passion to teach and our deep love for children which then results in our TOP ACHIEVEMENTS being attained.  

Seeing is  believing!

Please go to KIDDIES PLACE Mondeor on facebook  and read ALL THE FIVE STAR LETTERS and find out why people LOVE KIDDIES PLACE and why PARENTS say , WE ARE SIMPLY THE BEST ! ! !

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We offer the following extra mural activities which are optional but will help your child to develop to be best to his or her potential.

  1. Swimming with a qualified teacher
  2. Computer
  3. Active Kidz
  4. Soccer
  5. Musical Mickey Mouse

Go to Extra Murals and Activities page to view more…

Kids have lots of fun at Kiddies Place

We love to learn!


Parents are responsible to pack lunch and Liqui Fruit.  We have three microwave ovens at Kiddies Place.  When you cook supper at home and find you have extra food left over, you can give it to your child for school lunch and your child will have a warm lunch especially nice in the winter months. I will treat the children with desserts however; our rule is that they can only have it after they have finished the lunch which you have packed for them. Kindly label your child’s lunch box please.

We serve breakfast, snack time and dessert every day.

We only close for public holidays and we close the first week of December. We re-open AROUND the same week as government schools.

We take children from 18 months to 6 years old.

We specialize in teaching grade R's and we teach CAPS.  We also give extra classes for an hour to all our Grade R’s - one teacher per child to tend to their individual needs

We have small classes so that individual attention can be given.

We have transportation for this area.  Please contact Chris Seliven @ 076 428 6822 for Soweto please contact CHARLES NGOBENI 0843701473,  Thato (073 468 5418), Thabiso (081 325 5249), Thulani (078 459 7677)

We have concerts, graduation and certificates at the end of each year.


Please note: Due to the fact that Kiddies Place is a small School, prices remain the same for two or more children.

In order to secure your child’s position at Kiddies Place you need to:

  1. Please pay for registration.  
  2. Pay R2800 for toilet trained and R3000 for children that are not toilet trained.  

you pay R5000 for toilet trained and R5200 for children that are not toilet trained.  GOOD NEWS! Your January fee has been paid for.  Your next payment will be before 1st February 2019

Good News!

 Things your child will get once you have paid the registration and Completed and returned the forms


Four children from kiddies place have graduated to the Alpha and Omega Christian school.

A very pleased and grateful parent Anna Zamisa sent the principal of Kiddies Place an SMS that said ‘’Sibusiso Zamisa’’ got 97% and Mashini got 100%. Other learners, Noluthando Mtande got 94% and Amkele Vacu got 100% for their very first test in grade1.’’

Anna also said that the principal has laid an excellent foundation for all the children, they outshine the others.

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Registered with City Health

Diploma in Child Care

First Aid Diploma

Trauma Counsellor

Kiddies Place has been in operation since 1989 (29 years’ experience)

Top achievement attained for the past 29 years (see newspaper article)

Teachers are hardworking, dedicated and conscientious. We display a deep sense of responsibility in meeting the needs of children and helping parents.

To Kiddies Place We open at 6:30 And close at  17h00 Sharp! ABOUT US A warm welcome to you all!

287 Frandaph Drive


(Close to Dischem)

View our MAP to find


Fees for 2019

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