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Extra mural activities - This is optional but will help your child develop to the best of his/her potential

Swimming in heated pool

We have one 30 minute lesson a week by a qualified swimming teacher.

It’s so COOL

We have a POOL

At our

very own SCHOOL

We encourage our kids to take part in swimming lessons, not only is it a fun activity for children, it can also help them to learn how to swim to protect themselves from drowning.  Armbands and a full body swimsuit are to be supplied by you the parent - also to remain at school.

Towels will be supplied by Kiddies Place.  Click for more about swimming …


It is no secret that children love to swim and play in water, therefore I am proud to announce that Kiddies Place has a heated pool on the school premises which is very safe with high gated walls around it.

Qualified Swimming teacher

A qualified teacher gives a thirty minute lesson once a week..  There will be no swimming on cold or stormy days and lessons will be caught up on another day or your money refunded.

Good news

Only the children that do swimming with the qualified swimming teacher may also participate in the extra benefits of fun swimming classes at no extra cost.

More about swimming which is an added benefit

Fun swimming is a great stepping stone to give your children confidence in the water.  Your child also gets the privilege to swim and cool off every day when it is hot.

Once a week we do water play therapy

Please take note that if we are not swimming it could be due to:

What your child needs for swimming

All of the above are to remain at the school at all times

Fun swimming will only be permitted once the indemnity form has been signed.  Please supply a water resistant sun block suitable for your child’s skin type.  We, Karin Grunwald and staff, will not be held responsible for sunburn when you have not supplied the sun block.  Due to allergies we only supply cream that you have purchased for you child.  Swimming Towels will be supplied by Kiddies Place and washed every Friday.


Future Golfers focus on teaching the basics of golf to boys and girls aged 3-13 years.  We focus on long game, short game, putting, fitness and knowledge.  Children learn to focus and improve their ball skills, hand and eye co-ordination, balance and fitness.  Our program is endorsed by SuperSport, Let's Play, Ladies Golf Gauteng, US Kids Golf and Spur!  Each lesson is 30min once a week and is done on the school premises.

Musical Mickey Mouse

We are a Music and Movement group that focuses on the whole brain development of the child.  We stimulate Rhythmic abilities which is crucial for reading, writing and language skills.  We stimulate fine motor as well as gross motor skills.  We play to the beat of music with percussion instruments.  We also listen to stories as well as a lot of role playing activities.  We do drumming and movement through the use of percussion instruments . We alo include with our registration fee a dvdd at the end of the year ass well as medals,  Children also receive a certificate toward the end of the year.


A variety of educational programmes, whereby the qualified teacher spends time (up to 30 minute) with each child once a week.

Fun Days

Teddy bear picnics, dress up day, water slide jumping castle and land jumping castle, pony rides, farmyard activities and Father Christmas visits.

Water slide jumping castle and land jumping castle.


Security of your children is of utmost importance to us.  

We make sure your children are always protected, therefore before you can even enter our premises at Kiddies Place you have to announce your arrival on the intercom and key in a pin in a security pad.  Then you have four gates to go through and the school is at the back of the premises, making it even safer.  We also have CCTV so we can see at all times who is at the gate.

Active kids

Is a movement development company, which incorporates Brain Gym, Gross and Fine Motor Skills, Kinesiology, Ball Skills and a Speech Therapist programme.  All coaches are registered School Readiness assessors.  A School Readiness Programme is incorporated into each lesson (once a week for an hour) and developmental milestones are addressed in all lessons for children age 2 and up.




Learn sounds of alphabets

Reading and writing

Cut and glue

Math’s Activities (counting, etc.)


Nursery Rhymes and Songs


Physical Activities

Good Behaviour Teaching  

Good Manners Teaching

Story Time

Play Time – legos, blocks, educational toys and games

Life Orientation (building confidence, etc.)

Reports at the end of the year

Graduation and diploma given at the end of the year

School concert

15 Children per teacher


Shaded sandpit

Shaded Trampoline

Small Classes

A big garden to play in Bikes

Gated Pool

Kiddies place opens at 6:30am

Closes- 17:00pm

GALLERY EXTRA MURALS EXTRA MURALS To the best of His/her potential See why parents say  we are simply THE BEST!

287 Frandaph Drive


(Close to Dischem)

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Independent Transport contact numbers:

MLUNGISI 073 9091667, Thato (073 468 5418),

Thabiso (081 325 5249), Thulani (078 459 7677)

We take children from 18 months to 6 years

We teach CAPS (15 children per teacher)

Fees for 2019

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